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Adoption Of Synthetic Intelligence Can Be The Key To Good fortune For Indonesian Firms

The pandemic has prompted many companies in Indonesia to accelerate in modernizing their business operations so that they can adapt to the new normal era.

Many companies in Indonesia have a great opportunity to transform their business digitally using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud technology to gain a competitive advantage globally.

Companies can do this by collaborating with their business and technology partners who bring the latest technology from leading vendors.

“AI has moved from hype-to-hope or in other words, what was originally just a hype to a relevant hope in Indonesia, where various companies are now leveraging AI to increase productivity, cut costs and accelerate the pace of development. digital transformation. However, a company’s operations can become “stagnate” when it requires the right skills and talent but lacks talent with global skills,” explained IBM APAC General Manager Paul Burton, in a statement received by detikINET, Tuesday (21/6/2022).

Indonesia already has a national AI strategy that is a benchmark for the application of AI in the country. The goal is that the Indonesian government can increase the use of the latest technology, especially AI which aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness to support strategic sectors such as agriculture, energy efficiency, cybersecurity, and creative industries.

“This is when the IBM Partner Ecosystem can provide the resources and expertise to help business and technology partners reach markets faster and grow their businesses by creating shared value for clients,” added Burton.

One example is Bank BPD Bali, which is managed by the Bali Provincial Government and the Regency Governments in Bali. The bank has implemented IBM VisionAnalytics, a Banking Data Model solution that provides analytics templates, dashboards, and customized reports for banking.

This solution is built using IBM Cognos Analytics, making it easier to implement Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.

VisionAnalytics for Banking was developed specifically to help bank managers analyze performance efficiently and effectively. Through this solution, with the help of data templates and dashboards provided by VisionAnalytics and ready to use, especially for the types of reports that are widely used by most banks in Indonesia, Bank BPD Bali can be faster and avoid starting work from scratch.

By implementing VisionAnalytics and utilizing AI features from IBM Cognos, Bank BPD Bali can manage its data and gain insight into its operational processes. With a standard dashboard that displays accurate reports, business and management users can access important information quickly and anytime.

The IBM Partner Ecosystem can help clients in two ways. First, by providing an open hybrid cloud platform that leverages Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks. Red Hat provides IBM with the basis for building a hybrid cloud platform based on open-source systems, which can help clients modernize and transform their businesses. Second, by building a hybrid cloud architecture and AI footprint for clients.

The hybrid cloud approach empowers enterprises to drastically reduce costs and integrate new solutions such as intelligent chatbots and virtual agents. According to Burton, companies can easily reuse resources and generate new customer experiences and revenue streams.

“Clients recognize that opting for a hybrid cloud approach can provide 2.5 times more effective benefits than relying solely on the public cloud with benefits that include accelerated business value, developer productivity, infrastructure cost efficiency, and reduced regulatory, compliance and security,” Burton continued.

As companies increasingly turn to application modernization, process automation, and incorporating AI into business operations, choosing the right partners will be key to the company’s future success. IT service partners are expected to become increasingly important for business digital transformation efforts despite the absence of the current pandemic situation.

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